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2001-12-27 02:16:35 (UTC)

Victorius night - I am an eagle at crowd

I wake up eight o clock of this Wednesday 26th December
2001. I made and ate a lunch at 08:30 a. m. so earlier.
I go to outside street of my home town. I saw some people
maybe those false friends of Mel and Carol. They was waiting
for Mel to wake up. She did not.
I slept again at 02:00 p. m. of same day and waked up at
03:30 p. m. I go outside again and tried to call Mel to
talk. She said be in street at 04:00 p. m. Then after
04:30 p. m. I step the street and met her. She was among
her original team of june of 2001. She said she could not
eat anything since morning. I made company for her in many
places. I lent her my blouse because she asked me. Weather
was not so cold in Summer but it started to winding.
After some dinner at 08:00 p. m. I met her again. She did
not go to dinner yet. I follow by her side anywhere she
went. Surprise she never expect I would do it. I was
waiting so much knowledge from other people. They are only
people that cannot see much ahead their eyes or steps.
I am an eagle in crowd I see much. I did not mind about
what enemies said about me. But some people mind and it
made difference. I used my experience and be truly and say
what I think and why I made somethings. It could show them
who are I. And important Mel knows now that she was never
been alone. We was just confused. She is not my ideal but
is from my heart. I did not choice her but she accept me.
Well I am trying to teach her difference between right and
wrong choices. Giving example.
Tomorrow is another day and dreams of today helped me to
make a better day to Mel. She would be so far but neither
an Angel cannot save.