The Baby Diary
2001-12-27 04:58:35 (UTC)

The First Ultra Sound

I always pictured an ultra sound as being that time when
they smear your tummy with goo and rub this wand thing over
you. Well, that’s not what I had done to me! (WARNING!)
This was a vaginal ultra sound and I’m telling you, it was
a bit uncomfortable. The nurse stuck this thing up in me
and, I’m sorry, but for lack of a better word it looked
like a vibrator! Anyway, once she got it in there, she
moved it around so she could look at my ovaries and all my
insides…very uncomfortable if you ask me.

But naturally it was the baby I was interested in! I saw
it! I saw its heart beating so fast! 152 beats/min and
the nurse said that was very good. I had her look all
around for a second baby because I’ve been so paranoid it
would be twins. Nope…only one. But it was SO AMAZING!
This whole thing became very real to me today when all of a
sudden I saw my little baby! And I do mean small. The
baby is about the size of a bean and it really doesn’t look
like anything but a bean yet!

They were also able to determine my real due date. See,
when you tell them your EPT test was positive, they ask you
when was the onset of your last period. Then they add one
week and subtract 3 months. That’s how they figure out
your due date. But when they actually can look at the
baby, they can figure out a much more precise date. I’m 7
weeks and 3 days in so I’m due August 11, 2002. This means
that every Sunday is a new week for me…very easy to

I’m also feeling a bit nauseous even though I have only
puked the one time so far. Things just don’t taste the
same for me. All I can seem to really be able to eat is
mashed potatoes and other bland foods. Cheerios, a cereal
you would never find in my house, have become a staple!
And I crave nothing sweet. In fact, if I try to eat
something sweet I feel like vomiting…no joke! I’m sure
this will change as I go along though. I miss chocolate!
But I have to say that it has been a very nice way to stay
out of all the Christmas candy and cookies!