The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-12-27 04:53:15 (UTC)

Christmas is over....and i am finally getting to this diary thingy!..

ok well Christmas is over till next year and i got alot of
Cool shit!..I love Christmas (and not just the presents) i
mean really i got to spend the whole day with my parents
and my sister spent the night and so i got to wake up to
knowing that my sister was in her old room..i miss her not
being here anymore..i know i should be happy, but really it
is actually really boring without her being here i only
get to see her at work, but luckily i get to see her
then!..oh well I am sooo Happy My Uncle and Aunt and
cousins are here from California!! de da! i had such a
fun time too when i went over there for dinner and tommorow
we are going again to have Pizza! ok well the more and
more i seem to read peoples diary entries i seem to be the
only one who is writing Postive happy things! ok well
i am going to go now
buh bye
love yall