2001-12-27 04:35:47 (UTC)

FOR YOU..................

DANG, I hate when you think of something good, but when it
comes time to put it to use.....you have forgotten it.
DAMN, never seems to fail. Well, I'm bored outta my mind
right now. Oh yeah, I read all my entries today. I was that
bored. Man, I'm a trip. I can see how some may think I'm
out of my mind. I mean, I pretty much talk about the same
people throughout my entries, but I say one thing....and do
another. I'm a mess. Like, I've wanted people to "be about
it" with me, but am I that way with them? Do I say what I
mean? Ummm....what do you think. From reading all this
mess, am I real? Anyway, my snookums should be in Idaho
right now. Awww, I see us being friends for a long time.
Like I've said before, I could take a photograph of him
acting silly and cherish it forever. Martell told me that I
was exciting to be around at times. I like
that......exciting to be around at times. Leroy is like
that. I just look at him waiting to see what he's gonna do.
Okay, I got him a lil hood and it came with some gloves.
Thing about it was that the whole set was little boys. He
took the gloves and put them on and started acting goofy.
He looked so cute with his silly grin on his face while he
was dancing off beat. I mean, if that's not the kind of
person I'm going to marry then.....consider me single
forever. I hope the dude I meet in the future that will be
my husband is like Leroy in some ways. I want someone who
makeS me laugh and smile. AWWWWWWWW, so sweet. Okay, ok,
okay...enough of being gay. But anyway, I have to work 11-9
tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday I have to work 5-closing. It
sucks, but there isn't anything else to do. Well, let me
go. I have a long day ahead of me. TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED