Diary of the Family Dracul
2001-12-27 04:14:30 (UTC)

Fellowship Of The Ring--and other fantasies...

You know what I hate? People who dislike those who talk
behind others' backs while they themselves do it as well.
You know who I mean? That just irritates me. I'm sure a
great multitude of people are like that, I just wish people
would at least stop to think about it like I do.
Anyway, I just got back from seeing Lord of the Ring: The
Fellowship of the Ring at Wehrenberg. It was the coolest
movie I've ever seen in my life next to Pearl Harbor. I
watched it for 3 hours, entranced, and happy. But I was and
am sad. As I witnessed this epic, oh how I wished I was a
part of it. Some small part even, acting, telling, being
there. I felt it that these people, these characters were
real somehow, and that I had a connection. If only I could
live as they do. I wanted to be Strider( Aragorn) and
Frodo, and Galandria, and Arwen, and Gandalf. Even Legolas,
the elvin archer. He's how I always envisioned Teledor for
Dragonrealms. Even now I dream of being in Middle-Earth,
living in the mind of J.R.R. Tolkien.
I just downloaded the theme for Lord of the Rings by Enya.
It's called "May It Be". I am determined to learn all the
words. I also created my own background from Christian
Riese Lassen artwork offline. I thought, If only I could
touch people with my art like these people can. Christian,
Enya, Peter, Tolkien. Theyhave a gift I do not think I can
match, but I sooo want to!!!
Continuing my pattern of quickly changing topics, I went
to a Satanic Church website last night, and I have never
seen anything more blasphemous towards life! It insults
Christianity and Wiccanism! They have taken the Wiccan rede
and perverted it more than I ever thought possible. It made
me cry to see them baptize a 3 month old baby boy in the
name of their artificial Satan. Their invisible God of
destruction and pain. Their excuse for malice on Earth. I
cannot tell you how much this pisses me off. Frauds! Posers!
And just as bad, a man named Sean Manchester, a so-called
Vampire hunter and priest, dares insult and scrutinize
Witchcraft, calling Aliester Crowley the 2nd Beast 666.
Naming us responsible for vampires and demonic creations.
This forever makes me loathe my race so much.
Oiy. I think I'm going to go back to thinking about
Elijah Wood now. I now do not want the Princes of England
anymore. I want Frodo Baggins, Elijah. Yummms!!!

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