The jerk files
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2001-12-27 04:14:25 (UTC)

Wednesday, Fun-filled Wednesday

Well, This morning i woke up at,... well, an
indisclosed time. I was up kinda late last night. It wasn't
THAT late...well let's just say that i am NOT the master. I
just couldn't last. Sorry. Well after i woke up...i just
kinda bummed around until i had to get ready to go. I had
to go pick up my mom at 4. I went to get her and right
after, i went to go pick up my little buddies Nicolas and
Elijah. We went to Camelot and golfed on teams. It was me
and Eli and Nathan (my younger brother) and Nic. We had
alot of fun. It ended up being a tie. Dangit. After that,
we went to McDonald's and ate some good food. Mmmm. After
that we started our journey to come home. We stopped and
got gas and then i took them home. My brother and I walked
them to the door and dropped them off, then i came home and
here i am. Short day.... crammed with fun.

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