Melissa B.

My Pregnancy Diary
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2001-12-27 04:12:43 (UTC)


I went to the dr to hear the baby's heartbeat
for the first time...was the most wonderful thing..=o)
baby's heartbeat was 155 =o)...dr said my cervix was
dilated about a 1/2 a centimeter, which isnt good since i
am only 3 1/2 months along. It kinda has me scared. He said
when i go back Jan. 24th he will check me again and if i
have dialted any more then he is going to sew my cervix
shut. i must say, im scared but i no god will not take this
baby from me..he knows how important it is to me and Matt.

I weighed 126 lbs gained 16 lbs already in 3
1/2 months..i was 110 before i got pregnant. Makes me
wonder how much i will weigh 3 months from now..god do i
really wanna know? weight is the last of
my worries right now..i just want this baby to be healthy
and ok.

will write more later..=o)

take care

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