sex kitten

life of a porn star
2001-12-27 04:09:19 (UTC)

matt my permanent love

well last night i went to my grandmas house for christmas
dinner and when we got home i painted for awile at 11:30 i
went online and matt imed me. i used to go out with him
like a year and a half ago. but we have been friends on and
off ever since. like we hook up about twice a year and talk
online like 4 times a year lol. so the pathetic partof this
story is that i have always loved matt and he is the only
person i can see myself with happily but i cannot tell him
how i feel. thats always the problem with me. i dont want
to be rejected so i keep my mouth shut untll i like someone
new. ugh so ne ways he was asking me about school and my
love life so i dunno what all that meantbut i definitely
made my christmas PERFECT! i really wish i could have him
back for good.