Dear Twiggy...
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2001-12-27 03:45:56 (UTC)

i am doing great!

dear twiggy,
as childish as this seems i am really proud of myself! i
have had 3 oppertunities to do stuff with guys and i turned
them all down. saying 'no' to people is not as hard as i
made it out to be. i have decided that tomorrow i am going
to call jeff and tell him absolutely everything. maybe i am
just over reacting to all this anyways...he might have done
the same thing and feel the same way the only time i was
un-faithful to him was at parties where the 'basement rule'
applyed (basemet rule is: everything that is done is only a
one time - no strings attatched - doesnt leave the room -
random act of sexual interest). i think that even though
what i did was wrong i have learned from it and no matter
how much people tell me to always be faitful and loving and
to never cheat on someone that this is onething that i can
only learn first hand. to anyone that is reading this let
me tell you **if you really are in love with your partner
then dont screw up!!! it really is not worth them getting
hurt AND you feel SO guilty when your done it is not worth
it at all**

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