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2001-12-27 01:59:16 (UTC)

I type once again.

Well, right now I feel pretty stupid. Thats because I
just realized where peoples responses where. Sorry to all
the people who responded & got back nothing. I'm not too
sure this time on what I will base my diary on today. I've
been pretty clueless for a while now. Maybe the subject i
will talk about today is perfection. I can go by this 2
ways. Perfect in the eyes of an individual, & just perfect.
There is no just perfect ever. God created us imperfectly
so everything we do is imperfect. Even everything around us
is imperfect. But there can be perfect through a different
individuals eyes. For example, a person can think this
other person is perfect or a trick on the skateboard was
done perfectly. But in reality there is no perfect. Why am
I even talking about this. Hmm...i guess a sudden thought.
Ok...I'm a pacifist, & my heart burns for our society.
Right now humans can't take a society full of peace &
properity, there will be always someone amongst the crowd
who would want violence & hate. There will never be a
perfect society for use to live in until human ignorance
will be taken away. I beg anyone who is reading this to
think about everything. The pointlessness of hate &
violence. The road of death the human race is taking.
Please just think, & spread what you know to your children
& they spread to their's etc. So that one day maybe humans
can finally live in peace without hate without violence &
on a quest to make better of themslves & everything around
them...odd moment, well later, until next time


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