2001-12-27 01:59:14 (UTC)


OMG....tonight Jerry was here and well, he was um, playing
with Minnie and Micky ;) when he looked up real fast and
said that he had milk or something in his mouth. He has
said this has happened before, but I didn't believe him.
So to prove me wrong, he sqeezed and sure and behold,
MILK. I was freaked...and he felt sick. It was the
funniest thing, and we kinda just kept sqeezing and
watching it come out. Yes, we are weird people....but it's
ok. LOL. But anyways, today was pretty uneventful...woke
up at like 1:30 PM, hung out with Jerry, went to the mall
and Wal-Mart, and then came back to my house. I did just
find out something about someone that pissed me off.
Stephen, a guy I was seeing for a little bit, all of a
sudden dissapeared one day and I didn't see or hear from
him again. Well, I am a worry wart, so I called everywhere
looking for him, but no one seemed to know where he was.
Then one night, his name logged on but when I PM'd him, he
said it was his cousin, not him. So I thought I was
talking to some 15 year old girl named Meagan. She ended
up telling me that he had been in a bad car accident and
was in the Naval Hospital with broken bones all over the
place. So I called the Naval Hospital, but he wasn't
registered there. Well, I just checked his profile and it
was updated a couple days ago, by him, so that really
pissed me off. Here I am worried about him when all he is
doing is playing games. Some people should just be shot.
On a lighter note, I am patiently (ok maybe not VERY
patiently) awaiting a "surprise" from Jerry. He says this I'll find out. But I am out for now....PEACE

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