Life according to Luvie..
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2001-12-27 01:42:48 (UTC)

Luvie's Holiday!

Dear Diary,
Ok check this holiday has been great. I have gotten lots of
stuff. But I miss Princess since she left last Friday! I
love her a lot. I went out with Charlie and Michell last
Sunday. My bro was with me and so were three other people.
It was so cool.

I really like Charlie. I mean he is way sweet with me. I
took this survey today and it said that these were the
order of my priorities:

It was right on target. Then it asked me to give a
description of a dog, cat, rat, coffee, and sea. This is
what it meant.
Dog=Comforting _describes me
Cat=Sweet _describes my partner
Rat=Disgusting _describes my enemies
Coffee=Gross _describes the way I look at sex
Sea=Calm _describes my life

I was all happy because that was right also. Then it asked
me to give a friend for each color of yellow, orange, red,
white, and green.
Yellow-Princess i won't forget
Orange-Garden true friend
Red-Bolie really love
White-Michell twin soul
Green-Munie remember for the rest of my life

Only Michell was right. I think Princess should have been
Red. So I gave up on that survey. It wasn't true so I
didn't send it out. LOL. I gave up. I like Charlie. He's
the greatest. We talk more seriously now. Well gots to go.
Love always,