My Life, Boring As It May Be
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2001-12-27 01:20:55 (UTC)

A joint entry...

So obvy after we (Beth and I)watched Princess Diaries, we
wanted our own country... We checked EBay- no such luck :*(
Oh well, the time will come when we will be the princesses
we were born to be!!! And if our prince charmings (you kno
who you are, or maybe you dont) are reading this, feel free
to come along and be princely charming anytime soon (HINT
HINT) We've met our share of Josh's (you have to have seen
the movie to understand)...
Enough about us. Let's talk about us...
Tonight our master minds are coming together to resolve the
ultimate sitch... Thanks for all your input, and when I say
input, I mean lack thereof... :p
Ok, time to go have talky talky (Maria- stop being jealous)
Its really chatty-poo, but they have become one in the
same, termwise...
I'll keep you posted on the resolutions (and I dont mean
regarding new years ;) ) Time to go sit under the electric
blanket. I KNOW you are all jealous :p
Ok, byeeeeeeeeeee (No not Brian Denehy:p )
Love y'all
bettanbeth (we have merged for the time being-