Reality Bites
2001-12-27 01:19:52 (UTC)

Baby's black balloon makes her fly

I'm really tierd so this'll be short and un punctuated no
doubt...X-mas eve I cleaned,went to church,dinner then out
with was ok, cool for a holiday. Then X-mas
day I opened presents:) in the moringing...I got a new
camera and TONS of clothes and makeup and like movies and
CD's I got everything I wanted. Then like 50 of my family
members came over, we opened more presents chilled ate
dinner til about 7 then my friends started stopping by so I
ducked out for awhile, then I went back and started to
watch "Dude where's my car" w/ my cousins,and we got half
way through and Carli called and said come over so my
sister drove me and Lyss over there and we chilled @ her
little party then slept over...didnt actually sleep til
about 5, then got up at 10 and walked 3 miles to the bagel, so im dead tierd....

Mia has been freaking lately about Tom and Eddie, it's like
pick one! lol, no i dont mind listening, she called and we
talked for a long time...then also Kate called and invited
me over Friday, so i cant wait for that!!! (added bonus
would be JESSE!) lol, anyways, that's cool except that my
face is so fuckin broken out and its not funny, everyone
says they cant even see it, but they're so blind then if
they cant!!! I better get that taken care of by

Ok sleep time!!!!~Ang~

"Comin' down the world turned over
And angels fall without you there
nd I go on as you get colder
Or are you someone's prayer"