a poetic Heartº
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2001-12-27 00:08:19 (UTC)

Ask yourself again (for Krista and Becca)

I'm gonna ask you a question
One I want you to think about
And when you answer it
Answer it without a doubt

Have you ever had a friend
that was taken away
Like a spear through the heart
With consiquinces to pay

Have you felt the pain
When the sun never shines
Have you looked for a resolution
Thats not there to find

Has it happened to you
To have all contact banned
To act as though they mean nothing
When their your true best friend

Did you ever see them
With Bruises that were black
Knowing their parents done it
You knew for a fact

Did they ask you for help
When you wasnt allowed
Were they made to leave
When you entered the crowd

Has anyone told them
They can't speak to you
Has anyone watched
Everything you do

Do you know how it feels
To see them there
And wonder to yourself
Why lifes not fare

Are your eyes so red
From missing them so bad
Does nothing go right for them
When they always look sad

Can you sit there and tell me
That you've been through this
That someones came along
That so badly you miss

You'll never know how bad I feel
I've lost my best friend
So think about it all over