Love, Sex and College
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2001-12-26 23:48:32 (UTC)

I have been a bad girl...

I has been a while since I have written.

Well, being home for Christmas break has been really nice.
I got some really nice gifts from Christmas. I was supposed
to see Andrew on Monday night before he left, he called and
then popped online within a couple hours. He mom was in the
hospital and he was going to go see her. He said he would
try to get a hold of me before he left, but that never
worked out. Well, as the story goes, he left for LA on
Wendesday (the 19th) and after I emailed him (23rd) he
emailed me back. He told me what a good time he was having
and that he was even debating on coming back home, and then
later in the email he tells me he may not be coming home
anytime soon. I am now pissed. He is supposed to be flying
home on the 28th. I really want to see him and I miss him.
I am trying to move on a bit since we can date other people
too. But that is not working out like I had hoped. I just
want to be with him, thats all nothing more and nothing
less. I hate love.

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