tha truth ...... Seair'a
2001-12-26 22:13:53 (UTC)


Hey everybody my name is Seair'a and i live in Baton Rouge,
Louisianna. I go to Belaire High and i'm in 9th grade . I
know damn freshmen , i know. Well I made/ am making this
lil "diary" so I can tell everybody how I feel bout shit
and wut's goin on in my life.

We'll 1st of all Broadmoor high can kiss my ass and
all them 2- faced ppl , u know who u r, need to watch ur
fuckin backs! At 1st when i found out that I had to go to
Belaire I was devastated but i'm ok know b-cuz thru it all
I've realized who my tru friends r and suprisingly the ones
i thought were aren't. I wanna say thanx to kt, Raychel,
Danielle, and everyone else who was there for me thru all
this shit . well i g2g i'll hitback 2morrow