amy irving

2001-12-26 22:03:09 (UTC)

a few things about me

hi, i have just started to write in this diary. i think it
will be good for me to write about my life and how i am
feeling from day to day. i am a college student and i
graduate in may. i like 70s music and some 80s. i also go
for country and pop. my favorite movies are the princess
bride, shrek, nottinghill, and anything with julia roberts,
bruce willis, david duchovony or sandra bullock in it.

my favorite color is green, and my favorite flavor is
chocolate and peanut butter. i love books and some of my
favorite authors are mary higgins clark, nora roberts, tim
lahaye, jeffery deaver, and jane green. my favorite
activities include but are not limited to: rollerblading,
swimming, horseback riding, watching movies,playing board
games, going to the beach (i live at the beach), hanging out
with friends, and just generally going out and having a good

i should probably end this. i hope this gives a little
insight into me.