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2001-12-26 22:02:11 (UTC)


k, well I'm sick, it's really starting to bug me!! blugh!
but oh well, lif'es been fine..I guess. no actually it's
been really fucking gay. lol. like, this one guy told me he
kind of liked me...right after he told me that he wanted
this other chick to be there with him during Christmas. I
mena,seriosuly waht the hell. I know he likes her. Too bad
she already has a boyfriend ya' know? oh well, blugh! but
like it's funny, howI should be like "screw you!, if you
like her than I'll move on!" but I like him. lol. see it's
a blugh day! lol. and then like everyone's still suicial
and crap.and I think that the two girls who are left that
are still doing it are doing it for attention. and I think
one day they'll go too far for attention and actually kill
themselves. I wanna go and tell the counsler that way I'll
show them I'm serious that they need to stop. but I'm
afriad I'll lose them as friends if I do that. I dunno what
to do. Blugh! and also, this other dude that I dated before
this year, I told him I didn't want to tlak to him, but I
screwed that. I'm tlaking to him right now. and that really
bugs me, because he likes me, and I don't want him to like
me, blugh! I want him to just go away and move on with his
life and go find some other chick. but oh well, I'm an
idiot what can I tell ya'? so yeah, I think I'll stop
writing. I gotta go! Bubye! oh yeah, Merry Christmas!!!

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