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2001-12-26 21:28:22 (UTC)

Reid's going away party

Mood: Wiped out
Music: 'Gutter Glitter' by Switchblade Symphony
Time: 6:27 AM (12-27-01) Tokyo Standard Time

I came in really early today because I worked things out
with my boss ahead of time to have most of the night off to
go to Reid's going away party. I had bathroom duty as soon
as I got here, so that sucked. Around 8:45 PM, Reid and his
buddy Steve showed up at the cafe, but I was like "I can't
leave until my boss shows up ..." It really pissed me off
because Reid was the guest of honor, and my boss made all
three of us half an hour late. The worst part is, just
before I left, I was trying to help someone work a chatroom
on the computer and at the same time trying to get ahold of
my boss. It was so bad, I didn't get time to talk to Mona
really, and I think she's upset at me. Reid is my best
friend right now, and he'll be gone in two weeks :( I'm
sorry to all my friends that I've been spending so much
time going out lately ... but he won't be around
forever ::sniff::

The first thing we did was go to an Izakaia (spelling?).
They don't have places like this in the states, but
basically they have really long tables and all they serve
are appetizers and drinks and its a place people go in
large groups to just socialize. I was so bored there, I
talked to maybe one girl who was pretty sweet. At about 1
AM, half the party went home and about ten of us headed
down to a karaoke bar. That's when the real fun started :)
At first, I was pretty reserved and I sang 'Under the
Bridge' by RHCP. Drinks got passed around (I only had coke
and coffee, thank ya much) and people started loosening up.
My next song was 'Bye Bye Bye,' and that was a hoot. There
was this one Japanese guy (I don't remember his name) who
pretended to be a broken-hearted girl who I was singing the
song to. I did the whole N'SYNC dance and everything, to
much laughter. As soon as I sat down I leaned over to Reid
and said 'We're doing Barbie Girl, you're Ken' and he
grinned and said 'Whatever man.' When our turn came up, I
tied my jacket around my head like a girl and I did my ho
dance ... there were people on the floor laughing it was so
hilarious, and I have to give Reid credit for his Ken
voice. That guy who pretended to be my girlfriend for 'Bye
Bye Bye' even volunteered to do some butt bumps. I was just
doing it for kicks :D Man, I haven't done anything that
crazy since high school. When we sat down, the guy put his
arm around me and it became quite clear he was beyond
wasted. He kept leaning on me and a few times he even tried
pulling my head into his lap. I was totally freaking out,
but I just thought 'This guy is drunk off his gourd, just
chill and have some fun.' Luckily, he stumbled out of the
room after a little while and two of the people with us
wound up taking him home. During the course of the night,
Reid and I did a few duets like Twist and Shout (since we
were the only two Americans there). When things slowed
down, I said what the heck and grabbed the mike for 'Don't
Want To Miss A Thing' by Aerosmith. The selection of
English songs was limited, and it was as close to a love
song I knew as I could find. When I got the mic, I
said 'This one goes out to my friend Monica in Texas.' Reid
gave me a funny look and chuckled, but it was a really fun.
Finally, we closed the night off with a really touching
rendition of 'Imagine,' Japanese and Americans alike with
arms around each other and everybody was singing. That was
beautiful. Overall, I'd have to say this is by far the best
time I've had since I moved here. I'm just sorry my buddy's
leaving soon.

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