2001-12-26 21:24:04 (UTC)

Umm.. No

L- is for the way you Look at me
O- is for the only One I see
V- is Very Very extraordinary
E- is Even more than anything that you adore
And LOVE- is all that I can give to you..
LOVE- is more than just a game for two..

lalalala.. That song is just lovely!! ^^; umm.. yeah..
sure.. but anyway, my sis made this awesome thingy in her

I'm not sure if that's the correct html.. but oh well.. You
know who's cute? Gideon Turner.. ::sigh:: an actor!! Today,
I was watching channel 54 and it was Cinderella.. and he
was the prince.. haha.. lalalalala..

I'm so bored!! And I can't wait till New Years so i can
open Reslyn and Misha's cards!!! I love New Years.. and
y'know what's weird? Theres this fic that just has the same
reason I love New Years..

"It's a new start, don't you see? A fresh year . . . with
no mistakes in it yet." -New Year, Mosylu

awesome!! Well. I gosta go.. BYE!@!@


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