my so wicked life
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2001-12-26 21:11:48 (UTC)


dear diary
I see on the news that our national religious none called
sister Emmanuel was dead tonight
(or maybe coze i don't see the begining so why to speak
about her if she isn't dead??)
so more seriously
i think she was really a great personn so helpfull and
just to reach the goal to serv God
in 1978 ar the age of 70 year old she was fighting mesery
trought the world and savedchildren from the garbage make
them in shoul her sentence:
a children to school is a save
(when i think im being to waste my chance to studie at
she was more than a religious more than a mediatic personn
she was just human as never humanity have
she was el 'CHE
well she become my model i knows its wrong bu i still
want to go trought the world to meet people to speak
english and fuck why not to help poeple??
and if fact to be a none can help me to reach that goal so
why not???
maybe its my vocation. i know im not catholic just a
lutherian prostestan but that doesn't mater maybe??
but can i be a none even if not virgin and when im used to
fuck god?
well i plan to help people and to find some association for
it and then i will see
its maybe a vocation i mean religious thing and helping
poeple that maybe should be save my soul coze evrything is
wrong around me....
GOD bless you
we can't forget you....