Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
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2001-12-26 20:04:13 (UTC)

Damn old aim profiles hahaha

Hey it's me, Jennifer. This one'd better not crash. People: be
yourself... It just works better... Oh yeah and if youre my friend
and want to read my journal, just ask for the addy... id post it
here, but some people i didnt want to see it got into it so its
like, well... yeah
Don't you ever get tired of life, of living? This charade we all
play, do you ever tire of it, do you ever want to scream and yell
and just fuck everything and do whatever... Are you ever so
frustrated with yourself that you just want to crawl into a hole and
dissappear? Fuck man, and are you ever tired of living this SAME
ROUTINE every single day man, with no change no purpose, cuz in the
end I die, you die, fuck that, everyone dies, and you ask yourself
why and find yourself with no answer? And you turn to God yet are so
unsure he exists, but wanna have faith... Have you ever been so
utterly alone, even with others, have you ever been ridiculed for
your beliefs? Have you ever lived so hard that you just had to take
a break? Have you ever felt like the world is out to screw you and
you just need someone, anyone, to show you the way, and maybe, just
maybe, when that person comes, you dont recognise him and are too
proud to let them into your life? I mean dont you get TIRED of being
nice, of playing games, of waking up, brushing your hair, being like
everyone else, to be accepted, speak like them act like them walk
talk and think like them to the point where youre not living... Your
life has become a dream, a blur, and you dont know where you are,
and where to go, youre so lost and just wait, wait for someone...
someone to come and save you, knight in shining armor, but he
doesn't come to carry you away into the sunset, and you awake to
this harsh reality that we people call living, on this forsaken land
we fondly call earth? Yet you're still not fully awake
and you know it.

nolan sux
Nikki, thank you so much. You're so awesome... and im so happy
youre still my friend even after everyone seemed to walk out of my
life. Good luck with aldo!
Laura: Doughnuts! happy birthday!
Reese: Hey you witch-bitch-soggy-cracker girl, BIGGEST HUG TO THE
INFINITY POWER for you! Dont go screw anything, now! Thanks for
some funny shit.
Tiff-Tiff: Dont you go and dye your hair w/o me. jk. g'luck on the
cardboard boat. take me for a ride in it sometimes okay? u michael
and i can go and find shaggy...
KP: THanks. im sorry too... us hopeless romantics...
Aldo: Take Good care of Nikki.
Jason: Hey thanks for everything, its really great talking to you.
Mary: Hey, or is it mia? thanks for everything.
Steph: Good Luck with travis.
if i forgot anyone, just say so and ill put you on in a snap.

My OLD OLD OLD profile because im too lazy to write a new one:
theres more to life than sitting back and accepting. theres more
than boys and schoolthat.when im depressed i dont need drugs money
or those things... just someone to talk to someone who i love.
religion is outside of the box... i try to think that way. who am i?
who are you? what is the point of life?i havent figured that out yet
but im working on it. people should not just accept things because
they were taught to accept but accept because they believe and want
to because then when their beliefs are shaken they'll stand firm.
someone once gave me the benifit of the doubt in my religion. i took
it. could life just be a big distraction to keep ourselves from
thinking? if we think too much we know what we dont want to and
after all ignorance is blissful
Or is it
I left a part behind

I left a part behind when you
Quickly walked away from me
Turned your shoulder closed your ears
And eyes so not to see

You shut me off
You tore me down
You made me cry
In tears I drown

I wait for you
But still no sign
Of anything at all

I love you so much still.
I love you with much pain
With sorrow and with grief
I love with a piece of me missing

It tore away you know

And you, you did not care
Or see me turning ‘round to cry
When you told me to go back
Without so much as a goodbye

For you my tears flow every night
Every minute and each day
Yet you I cannot walk straight to
For there is no truthful way

But you, you’ve changed
You promised too
To stay with me
Be my friend true

You broke it you know

I’m trying now
To save you now
From your truly true changed self
But can I? If then how…

You and me will always be
You heartfully said one day
Where has it gone… for it I long
Why can’t you see the way

And yet you go and hurt me more
Without a single care
And I look on and the tears flow on
And sadness is everywhere

I’m crying now you know

But do you care?
Can I get through and give help to
The someone who I love
I do not have a clue

So today I go and tell you how
I feel and have always felt
Tis my last hope tis my last cry
Tis my last way to help

I love you you know….