the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:31:29 (UTC)

Are The Things That I Like

Are The Things That I Like

December 22, 1998
to d. j.

What I think I like the most about you
Are all the little details about you
That I can not remember

I have only seen you remotely
I have never known how to approach you
I have always thought that I did not want to act conspicuous

It is the things about you that no one else likes
And those are the things that I like
I have seen how much you care about your work

And I like how you think about a lot of things
And if your quirks are a part of a large, strange package
Then I will take it

I like your height and your physique and
I like how intelligent you are and I like the fact
That you are partially color blind because you know
I like to think that there are some things about you
That are not perfect because then you will have an excuse
to claim that well, you are human

I would like to think that you are real because I know
That I am real and this could be a link for me
This could prove that I am not the only one