still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-12-26 19:31:40 (UTC)

think I'll make it

Okay well the pain of surgery is tolerable now although
EXTREMELY uncomfortable...forgive me because I am taking
Codeine and am a bit out of it...I have to stand now so I
probably won't make this a long entry...let me reiterate
that I would NOT recommend Lipo to my very worst enemy.
However I am starting to think about being skinny and I
better look like Barbie's sister Theresa or I'm going to be
FUCKING pissed!Not now of whole body is swollen
and black and blue...And I'm bleedin like a sieve but other
than that...

So I still haven't heard from Dan...I realize he's in Japan
and for a year but I would really like to hear from
him...It just irritates me that I let myself become
somewhat vulnerable and attached...I feel like I should
know better...but what is better? Trusting people or NEVER
trustin anyone...maybe it's really the only way to be...I
wanted to doubt everything he said but I wanted to believe
it more...I told my roommate that I thought Dan really
liked me and he said "What's not to like?" I thought that
was sweet. Poor Tony...He's been my pseudo nurse this past
week...But he is a lazy mofo and never lifts a pinkie
around the house so I 'm not feeling TOO guilty.

So I don't know what I wrote before but I've been
terminated from last job since I received my last paycheck
in the mail but whatever...I just got my new hire package
for the new company but I'm dreading that...wish I didn't
have to go back to work at all...I don't want to sell
anymore!!!!Wish I could go back to school full time until I
get my degree but I'm dreaming of course...well gotta go

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