Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-26 17:19:04 (UTC)

Either u gots a memory problem, or u like gettin ur @$$ kicked by your 14yr old sis.

Hey everyone
Sup? Not much here! well I just used up what lil energy i
had yelling at my brother! ok my family isn't rich, like
not at all! ok well you all know my brother got that cell
phone and dvd player (a guitar ,etc) for christmas. well
today at 11 am he starts bitching at my mom and dad about
how he doesn't want the cell phone they got him cause it
isn't the high tec version!! so he is going to return the
one they got him and get a newer version one with text
messages, etc. but they will have to pay $30 more amonth
but hell they got the first one for him for christmas so
they will have to pay for this one after he takes back the
other one!!!!!!!!!! well ok I don't know how much I have
told you about how sensative my parents are about that kind
of stuff but they are! so he is screaming at them about how
stupid they were to not get him the best of the best in
cell phones!!!!!! how gay is that! well in the mean time he
is bitching at them my mom starts crying my dad is
yellling back at him and all this other stuff!!!!!! it was
so crazy and my lil sister and i were in the other room
listening !!!!! so I got really pissed at my brother , so I
go in coverd his mouth and told him to shut the fuck
up !!!! cause he was way out of hand ( you can tell when he
gets really angry cause the vain on his eye lid throbs and
sticks out! scary as hell) well he got so mad at me he
picked me up and slamed me into the wall! it didn't hurt at
all (lol he is such a girl! ) I laughed and said ' oh
aren't you cool now beating on you lil sister! you are such
a spoiled brat!' and he was like screaming in my face , and
making no sense at all so i said ' ok, at first you were
just pissing me off cause you were bitching at mom and dad
like a spoiled brat , i wasn't going to let this get
physical but since you want it to be, fine i have been
looking forward to kicking some ass!' and i kneed him in
the stomach, he droped me i grabed him by the shoulders and
slamed him into the wall and i said 'oh how the tables
turn, huh dustin?' haha! it was great! i found it pretty
funny! then i held him there and screamed in his face then
when i was done i let him go and said ' now haven't we
learned something?' and walked away. lol it was great ! i
was proud of myself ! haha ! i kicked his fat ass! lol !
my brother is a big guy too! but man when i get rage , yeah
ask chad and jordan , you need to watch out! lol! but he
was so mad he started screaming at my sister and so i was
like 'oh geez' i went punched him in the side and said ' ok
do you have a memory problem or do you like getting your
ass kicked by your 14 yr old sister, eh tough guy?' and he
went down stairs! gowsh i hate that kid! grrrr..... he
pisses me off so bad!!!! my sister and i laughed after he
went down stairs but it was funny as hell! and he was lucky
Zac didn't come back for christmas or he would have killed
dustin! oh well, it was more fun for me anyways! haha!
well i gotta blaze. i have to go call Dr.S about voice
stuff cause my sickyness (is that even a word?) is like
Luv ya