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2001-12-26 17:02:13 (UTC)

Close to tears

Extract from my other diary

It is not an obsession,
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Close to tears 12/26/2001
I am going to cry.
I really am

I want... I NEED to be thin but i wish i could stop being
sick. It just depresses me more.

If i could magically get rid of my weight i would be happy.
But i will not kill myself like some ppl are. I am not
anorexic or bulimic, i merely have an obsession with my
weight. I read some diary entries and i think how can they
do this to themselves, when they talk about being 102
pounds and feeling ill. I am a hypocrite, the only
difference between me and them is that they are getting
thin by doing what they do and i am still fat.

Please don't judge me for what i do. If i could do it any
other way i would, believe me. I need a little support a
little love. But no-one will love me the way i am now.

So its a vicious circle and theres nothing i can do. Except