Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2001-12-26 16:12:57 (UTC)

Yuletide Journeys

It was upon the Eve of Christmas, sky clear and full of
stars, the moon's half face peering down through the
ether. I was careening toward my childhood home and
my place of solace for what would probably be the last
time. I glimpsed an owl to the side of the road, or
perhaps I imagined it. It spoke to me with unconscious
words of import and urgency. The landscape was
altered as I approached, no longer the place of
desolation it had once been. The air was crisp with
chill and the water calmly lapped at the sharp, marsh
grass. I had wandered down to Long Point and stood
beneath the great Elm and looked out across water at
the distant shore. Gazing at moonlight dancing upon
the surface of the water I felt a poignant loss. It felt as if
a part of myself was now dead, drifting out to sea upon
a dreamcraft. I returned with a heavy heart full of

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