Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
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2001-12-26 15:43:55 (UTC)

Believe it,... or not

Did you ever watch that show? I remember Jack Palance very
So, anyway, believe this:
a)I'm listening to the Harry Potter OST on my PC.
b)I just installed the screensvaer from the CD-rom.
c)I was just drying my index finger's nail, which I had to
paint again, coz it got screwed up. (I couldn't help to
sound so disgustingly vane, I feel like smackin' myself!!)
d)I'm putting on my make-up, right here, with my headphones
on, and in front of the PC, while
e)I'm checking out an art site, and
f)I'm writing this entry, before
g)I'm actually gonna search for good Edea pictures, coz I
feel like drawing Edea, but in a super cool way.

Talk about a busy day!

BTW, I'm going to Pizza Hut today, to meet my friends, and
my secret 'Santa'...^^
Eek; I'm gonna skip lunch today, or there'll be hell to
pay. ^^