The Sarchasm Chronicles
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2001-12-26 15:03:27 (UTC)

Of Houses and Holidays

Bah Humbug - Happy Holidays...

The holidays weren't bad.
Went over to the soon-to-be Step Daddy's house to celebrate
the season with my Mom, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Brother,
and Niece and Nephew. Also got to meet the Step-Daddy's
kids. They're not half as psycho as I expected them to be.
He's got two sons.

One of them is WAY to occupied by old sitcoms like Sanford
and Son. I think he's going to start a Fred Sanford Cult.
The other son seems pretty cool. He's got a little girl
named Alexis who is cute as hell. She was a sweetheart
during Christmas dinner and unwrapping presents. She's
about 2 years old. Somehow Christmas is always better when
when there is a little kid around. :) And this son had a
wife who seemed nice enough and she's pregnant with their
second child.

Overall a pretty good holiday.

I got socks from Mom (she's got a thing for socks at
Christmas.) a pair of sweats, and a certificate for Barnes
and Noble.

My Bro got me a bridge for my pool table

Sis and BiL got me a t-shirt that says "Simon Says You
Suck!" (which was way-cool!) and a coupon to have my house
cleaned next Spting (Yes!)

And now...
Here's the latest scoop on trying to unload the house.

This still seems to be an uphill battle.
FHA wouldn't approve the loan to the buyers without having
the roof replaced BEFORE closing. We had allowed a $3000.00
price reduction to pay for a new roof, but that wasn't good
enough for FHA. One and Half TIMES that amount would have
to be put in escrow (which we didn't have) or the roof
would have to be replaced BEFORE closing. The realtors got
prices on having the work done (all the quotes were around
$3000, so we priced it accurately.) but none of them would
wait until the closing to get paid - meaning "someone"
would have to pay them BEFORE the closing.

I figure the buyers should put it on their credit card.
That way after the closing, they'd have the money anyway
and they could just payoff the charge. But Nooooo...
They said they didn't have a credit card with a high enough
balance to make the buy.

Apply for another card, I said. I get at least 3 pre-
approved card apps in the mail every week. I figure they
could apply for one, charge the roof, and then pay it off
after the close.


FHA says they won't approve the loan if the buyers have
more debt. Idiots. They say the roof HAS to be fixed, but
won't approve them if they pay for it. Bastards.

So I end up putting the cost on MY credit card. Then the
money for the roof will come to me at the close. Problem
is, there's more to the story...

The FHA inspector says that none of the windows stay "up"
without support rods.
They were that way when we moved in. There are rods for
each window, and they work just fine. Lift the window,
stick the rod under the frame and it stays up. No problem.

Well FHA has a problem with that. They want the windows
fixed before the closing too. I call a "window guy" the
realtor recommends and he tells me on the phone that it'll
probably cost $30-40. per window.
Go to the house, look at the windows and give me a firm
I figure $400 is STILL cheaper than paying mortgages on the
house for another month. (We all know this isn't gonna
turn well right?)

As expected WRENCH in the works

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