My Thoughts, Feelings and Problems
2001-12-26 12:53:11 (UTC)

Kathleen, Queen Wierdo

Geesh, I didn't realize how long I've been ignoring my
diary. Well, I'm going to type another weird trauma,
starring non-other then my HUGE crushs' girlfriend. Please
read my very first entry so you have a slight idea on what
I'm talking about!
Well, you can say that I'm a peeping tomlita. I just
can't help it, Kathleen needs major therapy and a conceited
counseling class.
Okay, it happend one day, on a weekend. I was busy
watering my mums orchids and rosses. Yea, I lurve flowers!
I saw Kathleen sitting on a low, beach looking chair. Her
feet were in a bucket full of something and she was wearing
a towel around her body. I mean, is it even counted
civilized sitting outside with only a towel to cover your
body? A robe would be much better then a towel, yet, why
sit outside half naked?
Anyways, as I was about to go into the house, she was
about to get up. I stopped to see what she was going to do
next. Okay, so she lifts her leg up and licks it! Ewww, I
mean, she is very weird! ...Maybe, just maybe, that was
made of avocado, the fact that it was green. Gross, just
So, she gets up and washes her legs with the water
hose. I didn't want to be nosy or even get caught, so I
just peacefully went in my house. I didn't want her to
clould up my mind with those weird things she have done.
What will telling about her to Jeffrey give me? I
don't think it will get me a date with him...or maybe it