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2001-12-26 12:01:27 (UTC)

hey every1!

its 11.55 in the morning and Im quite happy coz not only
was it christmas day yesterday but i did pretty well
4myself :o) i got loadza stuff which was kool, but i cant
help h8ing myself because of the less fortunate. And I
know 'less fortunate' sounds so outta order, but I dunno
how else to put it - sorry...

anywayz...I aint gonna rite downall that i got coz it wud
quite easily bore u my ll darlings! - trustme u have no
idea. The intention was 4meto write in the everyu wednesday
when i was at skool. But since its the holidays I havn't
been able to. Because of my open diary...

which is this...but I cant get onto
it in skool unless I know the cache code! agh! it really
does suck!!!

oh well, i had betetr be going. I hope every1 had a merry
christmas and has a gr8 newyear!

luv always