Emotional Fluctuations
2001-12-26 09:43:25 (UTC)


Hello there, My name is James and I am writing n my diary.
I like it. It's neat. Well, not much happened 2day so I
don't really have 2 much 2 write. But that's ok cause I'm
sure I'll have tons as the end of the year approaches and
the new 1 attacks us relentlessly. I'm excited and I hope
that if any1 reads this I don't bore u. I hope 2 finally be
able 2 log my ideas and philosophies and transform them n2
a book. (note: if u ty 2 steal my ideas I will kill u). I
have so little to talk about so I guess I'll say goodbye 4
now. Hollar at ya l8r. SMOOCHIES!