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2001-12-26 08:37:00 (UTC)

thank goodness for the movie industry...

Just a number of hours removed from the annual chaos, a
few films were viewed by yours truly, unintentionally
preventing me from sinking in one of the many quicksands of
my life that tend to encompass me. The social commentary
and/or underlying morals, or whatever they can be referred
to, in the movies "Fight Club" and "American Beauty" were
the culprits. First off, if anyone who's seen those, and
can't immediately find the comparisons, I truly wish there's
still a chance for you. Anyways, those deep pieces of art
were refreshing, as I usually get into a frustrated and
hopeless state whenever the "holiday" season comes around,
as stated in a recent entry. They also reminded me that
spending my hard earned cash on them (or somebody else's) is
not a form of hypocrisy, by that I mean in contrary to the
themes brought up by myself, since art often has a price,
and if the creator of a specific masterpiece feels he/she
should be compensated, then who am I to argue. I could go on
for hours about this topic, so ya know what, I will,
eventually. To be continued...