the writing of kuypers
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2001-04-09 13:24:14 (UTC)

You Know It

You Know It

February 14, 1999

so there are these fish in my apartment
and they're gold fish, they're not like tropical fish
or anything
and they just want to rush their little bodies
up to the sides of the glass
and stare at you
and you know, some people have no preference
about these fish

and for some people,
they try not to think about these things
and they try not to tell you much at all
and they try to keep themselves away
from all that
and they try to act aloof
and they try to say all the right things
and the whole time
well, the whole time those little fish
and gawking at you and it's like they are monitoring you

and when the night is over
you've still got those little fish
and you know they'll be there in the morning
and you know you'll have to feed them
and you know
they'll have to depend on you for something

they'll have to

you know it

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