Life as I know it.
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2001-12-26 07:16:03 (UTC)

Circle in the Sand

Hmmm I just felt like updating this thing. Christmas was
fun, im eating wayyyyyyyyyyyy more than I should be. Im
predicting im gonna be fat by the time I actually get back
to my apartment. Which should be in two weeks. Oh a few
days ago matt and i were talking on IM and he is calling me
"babe" and shit which is funny cause i do the same thing to
him still but he hasnt done it in a while, and then like
right before he got offline he is like "i love you and i
miss you" which i was like "awww" but im dumb like that. I
also talked to him for a bit tonight and that convo went
great and such. So we're getting along better as friends,
im not gonna push it further and if he does im not gonna let
him...im finally happy with him and this situation i dnot
want it to change!