It smells like poop over here
2001-12-26 07:13:10 (UTC)

so tell me what it's like, to be half a man, it must break your heart, to see what i am

dunno who that is, it's the old DX theme. some band that's
tryin to be like rage. christmas kinda sucked. i got
nothing from my mom or my brother. my mom even asked me
this, "did i buy you anything for christmas?" how am i
supposed to know, it's supposed to be a gift. i know i
know, i sound like a priss, cause christmas is about giving
and what not, but i got gifts for both my mom and my
brother. it just woulda been nice to get something from
them. i know who i need though, my friends. giulia got me a
bag of carrots (inside joke) and a gift certificate to
harmony house. i got her an 80's metal CD. she likes that
sorta stuff, poison and cinderella and all that crap. ill
stick with my punk rock thank you. i had to spend 3 fuckin
house at my mom's bf's sons. i guess it wasn't all bad, i
got to watch swordfish. that movie is badass and 2/3.
before i went out with andrea, i was really good friends
with this girl, my friend, vanessa. but when i started goin
out with andrea, she got all weirded out, and i guess i did
too. she's the only person im not friends with now that i
would like to be. i was thinking about calling her or
writing her or goin to see her or something. i just don't
think she'd be all that interested in being friends again
though. robin said that she used to have a "major crush" on
me. even while she was goin out with rich. she's been goin
out with him for the past like...4 years, but he lives in
florida cause he's in the navy. i thought she was just a
flirt, cause she always would flirt with me and other guys,
but appearantly there was a purpose behind that. i guess it
doesn't matter now, maybe one of these days ill get around
to seein what she's up to; what have i got to lose ya know?
peace out folks.