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2001-04-09 13:22:29 (UTC)

Change Your Clothes

Change Your Clothes

June 16, 1999

What am I supposed to wear
so that I fit in to
the right role

There is always a role
to be played with you
I've played so many roles

I'm getting quite good at it, actually

I've played so many roles
for the likes of you

I have dressed like a school marm
to impress your parents
so they don't think we fuck

I have worn a business suit
and the skirt always seemed a little short
because I am so damned tall

but either way,
I would look professional
when playing that fucking female card
for all it is worth
and showing off my legs

I have gone to a different bar
every night
and I have dressed like a whore

I get the button-down shirt
buttoned always too low
I wear the ripped shorts

ripped shorts
ripped too short

Jesus, I've even worn simple dresses
with wide skirts
and those pricks think I'm sexy
wearing something like a wide skirt
which doesn't show any of my curves
and they like me in it
brcause the skirt is wide enough
that they can crawl into it

and I don't even want to know
what they want to do with me
in that position
while they are under that dress

you're a fuck, you're a flower
you have the mania, you have the power
you have the right, girl

all you have to do

is change your roles
and change your clothes

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