Watch Me Fall
2001-12-26 06:06:39 (UTC)

Button-Up Sweaters and the Misfit Family

Well,Merry Christmas,kids.
Sorry for the delay in diary entries. I am a pretty avid
writer, but I just haven't felt the urge to come here for
the past week or so, and I apologize to the few of you who
actually care. hehe :)
Anyways, things have been going alright. (Socially.) I'm
really glad to have a break from school. It feels sooo good
to sleep in every day. I like to get lost in those dreams
that could go for hours upon hours-you know, the ones where
you force yourself to fall asleep even if you aren't
tired..just because the dream is so good that you don't
want to wake up.I know it sounds kinda dorky, but sometiems
I'm more content sleeping and being able to dream up my own
ending..then actually living. At least I know I can save
myself from getting hurt..
Ok,I'll stop. hehe
A lot has happenned,its just too ahrd to remember it all a
week after it's happenned.
I got Clarity for Xmas!!! (thank you,person! hehe)
I also got an abundance of clothing. It's only because my
mom is tired of seeing me walk around looking like a mobile
Goodwill advertisement. ...but I'm not!!! ;)
Merry Christmas to all....and to all a good night..

Song of The Moment: On A Sunday, Jimmy Eat World