The UnEven Eye
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2001-12-26 06:05:47 (UTC)

People are loons. Not just..

People are loons. Not just loons, but big insane crazy
loons that require striaght jackets and sedation
needles. Lol.

No I'm just bored, sitting here thinking about nothing,
looking out my window, my crazy kitty,Athena aka Aris
aka Gumby clawing at my legs. Future scars, Oh well.

Let me tell you.. this the most calm I have been in
while, and Christmas was a blast, so many little kids
running around.. falling trees... -.- what I look
foreward too. In just a few days.. I will have the
adoption papers, and my divorce settlement.. and.. be
lonely with my childern. Sound like heaven? Does to me.

I'm tired. Time for bed