What's up now?
2001-12-26 05:49:00 (UTC)

christmas is over.....

So I had a FANTASTIC Christmas!!! I gots lots of cool
stuff!!! My parents got me a digital camera!!!(and some
accessories to go along with it) And I got a GEORGEOUS
ring from brian, a few clothes, some gift cards to some
stores, some bath and body stuff, a new watch, new perfume,
underwear, PJ's.....hmmmmI think thats about it :) It was
awesome!!! I went to church with Brian last night(it was
soo nice), went back to his house and exchanged gifts with
his family, then came home....woke up early did christmas
with my family, and then we were off for a fun filled
christmas in Detroit with my dads family....and we just got
home not too long's like 12:30.....and its almost
one's been a LONG day :) But a good
one....Night all :) Love ya!

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