the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:22:00 (UTC)

Getting Quite Good At It

Getting Quite Good At It

June 16, 1999

I'm getting quite good at the
roles I have had to play in my life

I have had to put so many faces on
that I am beginning to look like a clown
I am beginning to feel like a clown
and I am beginning to wonder if anyone notices

Someone told me once
that they could not lie,
that they were terrible at it
and I looked them in the eye
and told them that I had gone through a lot
in my life
and that a lot of things have hurt me in my life
and I told them about how someone had hurt me
and it still surt
and I almost cried while I told them this
and they felt sorry for me

and I told them,
that the story I just told them
that it was all a lie

I told them that so they would know
when it is possible to cover up the truth
and get away with it

and when that becomes a part of your repritoire
when that becomes one of your faces

well, when you get to that part
you can get quite good at
doing whatever you want