lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-12-26 05:27:07 (UTC)

errr and then...

ok so randomly there's this semi-answer to prayer on sunday
night when zach gets online. okaaaay. hi zach. NICE TO
SEE YOU...sheesh. haha so after i got all worked up
deciding whether or not to IM him (since i never IM anyone
first. not even you-know-who!) i finally caved and said
hey and well things just chugged along from there.

basically it was one of those catching up conversations you
have when you haven't talked to someone for 2 months. mm
hmm. and i was just thinking "maaan" cuz sally just
stopped going to that church and she was gonna take me
along w/ her so i could chill w/ her & zach but noo she had
to switch churches. and then he randomly asked when i was
going to go to his church, and i told him i'd go when he
invited me. and tben i was blindsided by the clever
comeback of....

"i just did"

oooh good one buddy. yeah and then he told me when & where
and so now i'm officially supposed to go to youth group
with him. but it's totally a just friends thing and we
kinda both make sure the other one knows that through our
little i said "maybe i'll come sometime if i
don't forget" and he said "well you should. but bring your
friends." ahhh and that's just the way we are. kinda a
marisa/arturo thing. with less entanglement of limbs and
emotions. haha WHAT?!