Stuff That I'm Writing
2001-12-26 05:20:14 (UTC)

wow..its not xmas anymore

wow..i totally forgot to write in here..been so busy with
shopping for bout craziness. haha..well i
have a pierced tongue now..and i love it more then anything
in this world. haha..cant wait till i use it.
neways..xmas list: New clothes..and a camcorder. Thats
it..haha..dun sound like much..but it is :) my xmas was
slow at first..but it picked up when me and my friend went
and looked at xmas lights..that was fun..haha surprise
surprise! not much has happened between my bday and not much to write bout. Imma really tired right
now..oh ya..i meet the greatest guy..his name is mitchel he
is 20 and an army guy..omg and soo sexy. Wow..he is
great!!! well..thats all for now..bed time..niterz!

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