lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-26 05:11:52 (UTC)

what i learned today

* wearing a "boys love sugar" shirt is just asking for
trouble around grandparents. they will read every possible
meaning into it except for the fact that your friend just
bought you the stinkin shirt

* blue brown= green. i put that blue dye in my hair.
baaaad experience

* old people assume that if one part of you isn't working,
the rest must be broken down, too. example: my grandma was
convinced all day that my wounded leg has somehow affected

* i really have to have more than 2 kids. and my brother
better have a few kids, too. things are so boring with a
teensy family. i think i need to move to the prairie where
my family would have to be entirely self-sufficient and
therefore i would actually have a reason to have 5 kids.
haha me with my 5 kids...oh heavens

* parents go psycho on christmas. this morning my dad
randomly said, "lindsay, will you drive me up to vons?"
umm YEAH dad. and i did. it was pretty darn exciting
if you ask me. now i just have to study & pass that
blasted test this time :-)

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