the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:21:27 (UTC)



June 16, 1999

my sister told me
that a psychic was right
wbout that Linda girl
and then this psychic
has another vision

anmd I think
nothing is confirmed
about that girl and that affair
the psychic saw
well, that is all I can say
about what whole psychic thing

well, the psychica asked my sister
if she knew someone
who was getting married
in the spring

my sister said

and the psychic said
don't buy a present

and I know you're thinking
that could mean
my wedding is doomed
and I have thought
of this before

I don't want to get
cold feet
and I don't want
anything to do wrong
and yes, I do want
to have a talk with John

then again, I do
want to have a future
with John

and I want you to know
that psychics aside
and Christians aside
and Satanists aside
well, beside all that
I'll do all I can
and I know you worry
and sometimes there's
no reason to worrry
and sometimes there is
a reason to worry
and I'll keep it all in mind
and I'll keep it all in stride

I will, I tell you, I will