Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-12-26 04:50:35 (UTC)

Merry Christmas... I guess....?

It dont feel like christmas, and i dont really want it
to be christmas, there is no snow, and there were really no
traditions from preveous years carried into today. But I am
happy because I still was able to have fun and spend a bit
of time with my parents... I kinda wish that my neices
could have been here!

By the way.... Did I mention that I have a new neice? I
may have preveously stated that she had a boy, but that was
a mis-translation, i have a bouncin' female in my family...
and her name is Destiny Faith, not the prefered name of my
choice, but it wasnt my choice! What ever rides her
tractor... right?

Also I may have mentioned that my cousin Ginnie is
going to have a baby to some people, and does she deserve
it! She is an excellent mom, but a little bit ago she lost
it, its sad, and very upseting that my sister can have
babies with out trying and not be a good mom, but Ginnie,
who would make an excellent mom to another baby, cant... I
feel very bad about it! I wish I could help her...

Well that all for now!