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2001-12-26 01:19:31 (UTC)

Perfect night second party - other side says

I thought if I get that parfume and gave to Mel night would
be perfect. Better than I realized. Today Mel said I would
like to get some parfume. Her boyfriend that tough bandit
gave her some ring. Maybe some really got made of gold but
empty of promisses.
Monday 24th December 2001, 03:30 p. m. I was in public
transportation stop at my home town waiting to go to city.
I left pass three transport to center uptown. I got a
transport to nearest town. Even that transport would last
more because had some long route. It would be easy to come
back home town from there. I couldn't find that parfume.
It was out because of holyday demand. Maybe in center there
was. If I had gone to uptonw I would get it.
At night 08:30 p. m. I found my friend Mel. She was
beautifull and going to party of her parents at her brother
wife party of Xmas night. She said she had fought with her
boyfriend. I do not know what reason. Well if I got the
parfume I would give her. And she would be with me. Even
it would not last. It would teach her what is the
difference between right and wrong. And she may choice
the path of light she ever have deserved.
At beginning of this year I knew she better. Most things
happened as I was not beside her. But I think if I really
made a difference to her life. If I nor be there to hear
what she was crying if things would be worst. I knew her
when she was good as angel and was almost knowing tough
and false guys.
Now I may tell her the true story. When some Angel used me
to help her and her best friend Carol. I think I am earning
points when I at least save them.
Tomorrow morning or mean 26th December 2001 Wednesday.

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