The Xdruggie Files
2001-12-26 04:14:31 (UTC)


Had a good visit with my family and had a good xmas in
general. funny that my parents wrapped a carton of marlboro
lights and put them under the tree. good to see GM. great
escape though to be able to tell my family that being
around them makes me want to use-to be able to get some
peace. very excited cause alyson publishing is gonna put
one of my short stories in print-of course it is about my
first sexual experience-but then, hey i am finally getting
PAID to write. Saw alot of the gang from MSMS- went to JC's
with them- first time i have been in a bar since the night
of the OD, but i had no desire to use-pissed that there
weren't any cute guys there-but i am under a sexual
sobriety contract as well. called my sponsor-she is going
with H to get some of his expensive art out of a den of
crackdom. start Barnes and Noble tomorrow-I miss Bubba-I
hope he had a good Chrima. ML