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2001-12-26 04:13:42 (UTC)

What a Christmas

I started to wake up at around 7:30, and then shortly
after, my mom came into my room, telling me to get up and
open Christmas presents. I got this awesome Mickey Mouse
phone that almost make me cry when I opened it. When it
rings. He has like five different things he says when he
rings, and while he talks, he moves his head, and points to
the phone. It's absolutely adorable. Then from Kevin, I got
a Mickey Mouse alarm clock. It's got Mickey and Pluto
hanging their heads out of windows to a car, and when it
goes off, it honks. It's totally awesome. I got raspberry
bath stuff from my sister, that smells incredible. I used
it in the shower this morning. Then at around noon, I went
to Justin's house, and had lunch with them. After lunch, I
unwrapped my presents from his mom and grandparents. His
mom got me peach bath stuff that came in this awesome
wooden basket. And his grandparents got me an egg shaped
musical water ball that has a unicorn inside. It's
beautiful. It makes me feel really good that I'm becoming a
part of the family.
Well, after I stuffed myself at Justin's, I came home and
stuffed myself again. We had prime rib dinner over here.
Kevin, brother Bill, and the boys came over. It was really
nice. But I think all the food exhausted me, because at
around 4:30 or 5, I fell asleep. I'm suprised I could fit
that much food in my stomach. But for some reason, when I
went to eat here, I was kinda hungry again. Then I just got
really exhausted again and went to sleep. I think I wore
myself out. I wish I didn't sleep the day away, but what's
done is done.
Overall though I had a really nice Christmas. I talked to
my Dad, who doesn't seem to be too happy, and my brother,
whom I think is getting overwhelmed with the baby coming. I
feel really bad for my dad right now. He's having a really
hard time, and I can tell that he's upset he couldn't come
down here to visit us on Christmas.
Well, I'll write more about Christmas later tonight
probably. I'm gonna go over to Jarod's and visit my baby.
Laterz ya'll!